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Client Feature:Wedding Planner Re-brand Photoshoot Launch for Irene Tyndale

This wedding planner brand photoshoot and branding strategy consisted of everything from morning routine photos, team meetings and personality-filled headshots. Plus, we launched a brand new website and created a custom social media marketing strategy. 

Event Planner PhotoshootIrene, the CEO of Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events, has been in business for many years. She’s gone through a rebrand a few times. When we met, a shift was happening for her brand and business. We both felt she had outgrown her current branding and website.

During the brand strategy process, I helped Irene get clear on the path she wanted to take her business on. I encouraged her to think big and own her story, her power of influence and expertise. This was key for Irene.

Event planner photoshoot goals

Our final goal was to show Irene as the expert that she is, elevating her personal brand and especially since she is now coaching other wedding planners. 

Irene needed to embrace that she was the face of her brand. For example, on her social media profiles, there were very few photos of Irene and her team. The wedding industry is a saturated market and the best way to stand out and humanize your brand is to show your true personality. Consequently, we didn’t want her or her team to keep hiding behind the amazing work they produce.

Event Planner Photoshoot

Avalon Hotel photoshoot

The suite at the Avalon Hotel was the perfect location for Irene’s brand photoshoot.  

This shoot was fun and challenging for me, as there were many moving parts and we had a full day schedule. We started the photoshoot at 11 a.m. and finished close to 5 p.m. with a small lunch break. The plan for the day was to tell stories about Irene’s personal brand. Topics centered around Irene’s morning routine, Irene working from home, Irene as the wedding planner in action, Irene’s team of event gladiators and Irene the CEO/Expert and Coach. 


The queen of event logistics

Irene is known as the queen of event logistics for a reason.  I gave her directions on what I wanted to shoot first. With that information, she organized hair and makeup, and catered lunch for the entire crew. I loved to see how all the small details we planned and talked about for weeks finally came together. In short, the end result was absolutely worth every single effort.

Event Planner Photoshoot
Event planner photoshoot in Atlanta

Propelling her brand forward

Irene knew the images could propel her brand and business forward. And you could see how her excitement made everyone else contagious in the room as well. Overall, it was a fun, positivity-filled day with an amazing team. I was so glad to be a part of it. 

After we took these amazing photos, we reviewed them together. There was a contagious, positive energy in the room. 

Event planner photoshoot in Atlanta

A shift in branding & results

After our work together, Irene has created an influential personal brand where she is the face of her brand, and others noticed. She has successfully launched several coaching programs to help other wedding planners succeed in their business. She is now a speaker at industry events, and constantly receives inquiries from other peers that want to learn from her. Plus, her team was more present in her brand which said so much about the type of CEO she is.


A growing Influential Personal Brand

With this photoshoot, her new website, and custom social media strategies, she started to receive more inquiries from her dream clients. It became easier to close those leads as they already loved and wanted to work with her. She has grown her coaching business and created a course to teach other industry peers about event logistics. Most importantly, she is now owning her power of influence,very confident about her message, comfortable showing up and being present with her audience, and her dream client is now reaching out to her. She is confident about marketing her business and consistently creates content that her audience wants to interact with.

Event Planner Photoshoot
Event planner photoshoot in Atlanta
Event planner photoshoot in Atlanta
Event planner photoshoot in Atlanta

Interested in working together and building your brand on influence? Say hello here!

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