Erika Johnson

"Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you."

Running a business means wearing many hats: CEO, manager, marketer, strategist, accountant and more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and spread thin. You’re passionate about your work, but juggling all these roles can make it hard to focus on what you truly love.

That’s where I come in. My mission is to help you navigate the complexities of branding and marketing so you can build a brand that positions you as an industry leader. Together, we’ll create a powerful brand that stands out, attracts your dream clients, and establishes you as the go-to expert in your field. Let’s turn your vision into reality and make your brand the one everyone talks about.

As your brand architect and marketing strategist

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My Goal is to Help You Grow Your Brand and Become an Industry Leader






Helping women entrepreneurs tell their stories, market their businesses, and connect with their ideal audiences.

I’ve battled imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and I’m here to help you push through those barriers and show up confidently.

Passionate about helping you build a brand that supports your family and makes a difference in the world.

my past clients

So you want to build a powerful brand...

would tell you that my SUPERPOWER isn't just branding and marketing. It’s seeing your potential and helping you grow into the industry leader you’re meant to be.

my personal journey

After landing a big job in tech, I realized I wanted more. I craved something fulfilling and aligned with my spirit. 

My journey has not been a smooth ride—failed businesses, a long path of self-discovery, and numerous personal hurdles. But through it all, I leaned into my passion: helping women overcome business obstacles with my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

I know what it's like to constantly battle imposter syndrome and personal struggles.

So, I took the leap into the unknown, driven by the desire to make a bigger impact and help women who desired more.

“I knew something needed to change, so I focused on what truly brings me joy: supporting other women in business."

"From developing a strong personal brand to creating effective marketing strategies, I’ve helped many women get unstuck and elevate their businesses." 

I became obsessed with finding ways to empower women to grow their brands and step into their roles as industry leaders. 

Over the years, after working with brands and businesses of all sizes, I’ve learned what it takes to build a successful brand and business.

"The dedication and passion of the women I get to work with inspires me every day."

On a personal note, I’m also a proud mom, deeply committed to raising my three children. I want to show them that it’s possible to follow your passion and make a difference.

Pursuing my dreams and my calling isn’t just for me—it’s to set an example for my children.

Become Industry Leaders and ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS 

i'm on a journey to help women

Develop a powerful personal brand that consistently attracts your ideal clients.

Grow a community of engaged followers who are excited about your brand.

Feel confident in your brand and marketing strategies, knowing they’ll deliver results.

Step into the spotlight and confidently be the face of your brand, inspiring others.

Gain the confidence to become a sought-after speaker in your field.

Launch educational courses and programs that showcase your expertise and generate income.

Make consistent income, support your family, or even hit six figures.

So... are you ready to reach your goals?

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A Little Deep Dive

for the skimmers

I'd rather be

At the beach

enneagram type

Type 7 (Wing 8?)

favorite ice-cream

Passion Fruit

Wine of choice

Sauvignon Blanc

favorite show

Scandal / Suits


Chris Evans

guilty pleasure

Eating Great Food

take my money


secret talent

Interior Design

listening to

Bad Bunny / Taylor Swift



weekend plans

Shopping Antiques




Chris Evans

secret talent

Home Decorating

listening to

Bad Bunny/Taylor Swift

guilty pleasure

Eating great food

take my money




weekend plans

Shopping Antiques

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